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November 2003
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In the early 1990's P&O placed an order for four freight ships to operate on their Dover to Zeebrugge service (right).   They were designed to be easily converted to passenger ferries, and it was decided to deliver one as such (Pride of Burgundy).   The years came and went until P&O realised that it was time to upgrade their Dover to Calais fleet in 2002.   Simultaneously the Dover to Zeebrugge route was closed making the three freighters redundant.   So European Highway and European Pathway were chosen to be converted to passenger ships and entered service as Pride of Kent and Pride of Canterbury on the Dover to Calais run in summer 2003 (above).   There is indeed life after freight. highway-zeebrugge-aug95.JPG (42163 bytes)
After Freight
All photos taken during the heatwave in August 2003.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts
Top: Pride of Kent at Dover
Middle upper: Pride of Canterbury at Bleriot Plage near Calais
Middle lower: Pride of Canterbury at Dover
Middle right: Pride of Kent at Bleriot Plage near Calais
Lower right: European Highway arriving at Zeebrugge in August 1995 (compare with photo directly above)
Those Freighter facts in full :
Freighter Name Conversion Date Current Name
European Causeway 1992 (during build) Pride of Burgundy
European Highway 2003 Pride of Kent
European Pathway 2003 Pride of Canterbury
European Seaway    
Company Links
P&O Ferries
Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven carried out the conversion work (click on "interesting tasks")
Other Links
Louis Bleriot was the first person to fly the English Channel in 1909.  He left from Sangatte (Bleriot Plage) and landed in Dover.
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