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December 2004
Originally built to transport soldiers for the Normandy landings in World War II, the DUKW has found a new lease of life in cities round the world providing sightseeing tours.   London is a perfect place for these creatures - half bus, half boat - to demonstrate their capabilities.   The tour itself lasts just over an hour and is supplemented by an offbeat and occasionally irreverent commentary.    It passes most of the major sites in London including the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.   The bonus is a trip on the Thames, which although brief is certainly worth it.   What would the brave troops have made of all this ?
Over land and sea
rsl602-titania.JPG (25590 bytes) esl679-cleopatra-parliament.JPG (18668 bytes) thames.jpg (20094 bytes)
Photo Facts: Titania (RSL602) at the Millennium Wheel; Cleopatra (ESL679) turns on the Thames at the Houses of Parliament; on board Titania (RSL602) as it speeds (at 5 knots) on the Thames.
rsl602-titania-back.JPG (52729 bytes)
rsl602-titania-inside.JPG (47832 bytes)
Photo Facts: Titania (RSL602) front; back; and inside
esl679-cleopatra.JPG (54515 bytes) els666-beatrice.JPG (49934 bytes)
Photo Facts: Titania is complemented by Cleopatra (ESL679); and Beatrice (ESL666)
Like a DUKW to water
entering-thames.JPG (24256 bytes) on-the-thames.JPG (30478 bytes)
Photo Facts: A qualified river pilot takes over the controls for the ride on the Thames.   Entering the water beside the MI6 building; on the Thames; and leaving the water - all on Titania.
 See the DUKW video here (takes about one minute to load - be patient!)
All photos taken in October 2004.   Click to enlarge.
DUKW Facts
DUKW stands for D (model year 1942), U (amphibian), K (all wheel drive), W (dual rear axles)
20,000 were built by General Motors in the USA
Capacity of 25 soldiers
50 mph on land, 5 knots on water
DUKWs in America
DUKWs in Australia
Buy a DUKW
DUKWs in World War II
People's Palace, Southbank Centre
Reasonably priced three course set lunch.   Attentive service, impressive view of the Thames and rich food.
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