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September 2000
Fast Ferries  South Coast of England
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Fast ferries have been operating from the South Coast of England to Mainland Europe for nearly ten years.   For the 2000 summer season, there were a couple of changes to the operational craft.   On the Newhaven to Dieppe service SuperSeaCat One replaced SuperSeaCat Two which moved to Heysham, and on the Portsmouth to Cherbourg route, Portsmouth Express took over from Superstar Express which went to Cairnryan.
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SuperSeaCat One is seen arriving one hour late at Newhaven on a typically grey July evening. Skipping out of Portsmouth over two hours late, P&O's Portsmouth Express heads for Cherbourg on a dazzling August lunchtime.

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      South Coast Fast Ferry Services
Operator Route
Hoverspeed Dover - Calais (F)
Seacat Dover - Calais (F)
Seacat Dover - Ostend (B)
Seacat Folkestone - Boulogne (F)
Seacat Newhaven - Dieppe (F)
Condor Poole - Channel Islands (GB)
P & O Portsmouth - Cherbourg (F)
Condor Weymouth - Channel Islands (GB) - St. Malo (F)


For complete UK fast ferry route information click here


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