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August 2004
Ferry  Appetising
    Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth
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Picture this, a sky full of thunder at Harwich.   Now picture a sunny Spring day in Portsmouth, having lunch and watching the ferries go by.   It may sound surprising but it is now possible to dine on the waterfront at Portsmouth at Gunwharf Quays beside the Spinnaker Tower (above right).   There is a good choice of restaurants and a fine selection of ferries ranging from Gosport ferry (just visible above left), through Isle of Wight ferries (both below left) to cross channel ferries (below right).   Finally as a digestif you might like a tour round the Solent on one of the small cruising vessels (right). waterfront-solent-cat.JPG (34567 bytes)
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Ferry Appetising
All photos taken in April 2004.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts (from top to bottom)
Wightlink St. Catherine beside the Waterfront restaurants.
Fastcats at Spinnaker Tower with Gunwharf Quay behind.
Wightlink's Fastcat Ryde departs for Ryde.
St. Helen from Wightlink leaves for Fishbourne.
P&O Pride of Portsmouth arrives from Le Havre.
Gunwharf Quays
Spinnaker Tower
Gosport Ferry and leisure cruises
Fast Cat
P&O Ferries
Brittany Ferries
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