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Ferries in Fog
Smoke on the water.   On certain winter's days, Loch Ryan fills with a golden mist, and everything becomes serene.    Galloway Princess is seen approaching Stranraer pier on one such day in December 1989.
fog-le-havre2.JPG (33362 bytes) fog-irish-sea.JPG (33439 bytes)
Pride of Hampshire about to depart Le Havre for Portsmouth in a dense fog in December 1993. Ionic Ferry battles its way through a storm on the Irish Sea, heading from Cairnryan to Larne, in December 1991.
fog-weymouth.JPG (25156 bytes) fog-calais.JPG (32915 bytes)
Condor 9 swathed in sea mist at Weymouth in February 1998. The world's thickest sea har descended on Calais on the Saturday before Christmas 1997.   Seen at the outer breakwater is Stena Invicta making for Dover.
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Don't get caught out by the fog - check the Met Office website before making plans ...
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