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East Frisian Islands June 2003
The Islands
The East Frisian Islands lie just off the coast of Germany in the North Sea.   They are a favourite destination for beach lovers in the summer, hikers in the winter and “twitchers” (bird watchers) all year round.   They can be reached by air, or ferry from small ports in East Frisia.

The Ferries
Some of the islands do not have vehicles, so a mixture of car and passenger ferries operate the routes.   The journeys all take about an hour.
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East Frisian Islands
All photos taken in October 1996 during German school holidays.
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Photo Facts
Top: Langeoog III at Bensersiel
Upper left: Ostfriesland at Emden
Upper right: Frisia I departing Norddeich for Norderney
Upper middle: Frisia II arriving at Norddeich from Juist
Lower left: Spiekeroog III at Neuharlingsersiel
Lower right: Fit Germans at Norddeich ferry terminal
Route Operator
Emden - Borkum AG Ems
Norddeich - Juist Reederei Frisia
Norddeich - Norderney Reederei Frisia
Bensersiel - Langeoog Schiffahrt der Inselgemeinde Langeoog
Neuharlingsersiel - Baltrum Reederei Baltrum-Linie GmbH & Co. KG
Neuharlingsersiel - Spiekeroog Die Schiffe der Nordseebad Spiekeroog GmbH
Harlesiel - Wangerooge Schiffhart und Insellbahn Wangerooge
Flag It - Each island has it's own flag
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East Frisian flags
East Frisia history and geography
Sea and Beach locations in Germany
German travel information
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