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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx November 2009
 Greeks Abroad
  Superfast ferries in new waters
  Greeks Abroad
When Superfast expanded its empire in Greece during the 1990's it had 12 ferries built, eponymously named Superfast I to XII.   Half of these vessels have already moved on to new waters with two operating in Australia.   Two operate closer to home.   The first, Superfast II, moved to Australia and then to the Corsica Ferries fleet to become their imaginatively named Mega Express Four (below middle) and regularly sails from Nice (top left) to Corsica.   The second, Superfast X, was initially bought by Corsica Ferries' rival SNCM as their Jean Nicoli.   However almost immediately it was withdrawn from service and sold to Sea France for their Dover to Calais service (top right).   The challenge was to convert a ferry designed for overnight operation with numerous cabins to a day ferry with lots of free-flow areas for a short crossing.   The result has been a compromise with odd nooks and crannies (below left) and carefully concealed pillars (middle left).   As Seafrance Moliere the remodelled ship brings a further touch of style to the English Channel (below right).


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  Photo Facts (from top to bottom)
  • Seafrance Moliere leaves Calais in August 2009.
  • Seafrance Moliere arrives at Calais from Dover in August 2009.
  • Corsica Ferries Mega Express Four at Nice in June 2008.
  • Interior views of Seafrance Moliere in December 2008.   The pillar, obviously required for some ducting, has been disguised with a wine rack.   An entire forest seems to have been felled to provide wood panelling throughout.
  • Video of Mega Express Four leaving Nice for Corsica in June 2008.
  • A bit of a clutter onboard Seafrance Moliere in December 2008.
  • Mega Express Four leaves an uncharacteristically overcast Nice in June 2008.
  • Seafrance Moliere sets out from Calais for Dover in December 2008.


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