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May 2005
 Clyde Steamers
 What lurks in this grotty underpass in Greenock ?






 Queen Mary II
 Duchess of Montrose
The answer is - ceramic drawings of famous Clyde Steamers long since gone.
 Duchess of Fife
All photos taken in March 2005 in Greenock.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts
Duchess of Montrose built by Dennys in 1930, sister Duchess of Hamilton
Queen Mary II built by Dennys in 1933
Jupiter built by Fairfield Shipbuilding in 1937, broken up in 1961
Columba built by J&G Thomson in 1878
Duchess of Fife built by Fairfield Shipbuilding in 1903, broken up in 1953
TS Queen Mary II on the Thames
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