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April 2001
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Stena Voyager in Loch Ryan, approaches Stranraer harbour on Christmas Eve 2000.
HSS (High-speed Sea Service) was developed as a concept by Stena during the mid-1990's.    Compared with normal fast craft, HSS ferries can carry significantly more passengers and vehicles.   In 1996 the first operational craft was delivered - Stena Explorer - which entered service at Holyhead.   It was followed shortly by Stena Voyager at Stranraer and then in 1997 by Stena Discovery at Harwich.   This feature celebrates the first five years of service for Stena's HSS ferries.
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Passing Ailsa Craig on its way from Stranraer to Belfast, Stena Voyager is seen at full speed on December 1996. Stena Explorer docks at Dun Laoghaire one evening in April 1999.
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On a murky day in July 1998, Stena Explorer is seen at Holyhead. Stena Discovery arrives at Harwich from the Hook of Holland in June 1997.
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 HSS Route Summary
Route HSS Craft
Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire (IRL) Stena Explorer
Stranraer - Belfast (NI) Stena Voyager
Harwich - Hook of Holland (NL) Stena Discovery


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