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July 2001
Norfolkline have for many years operated a freight service between East Anglia in England and Scheveningen in The Netherlands.   In 2000, armed with two new vessels, they started a service from Dover to Dunkirk/Dunkerque in France.   This article takes a brief look at the progress to date.
Midnight Merchant leaves Dover bound for Dunkirk on a sunny morning in December 2000. Northern Merchant prepares for departure from scenic Dunkirk in February 2001.
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In February 2001 at Dunkirk, not only were vehicles checked for illegal immigrants, but all cars had to pass over disinfectant mats for foot and mouth prevention. Dunkirk beach played a significant role in World War 2 when British troops evacuated mainland Europe in 1940.   Nowadays only lone walkers can be found there.
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Norfolkline operate several ferry services from England to mainland Europe
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