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May 2001
nsf-rotterdam2.JPG (41945 bytes)
Norsun leaves Rotterdam for Hull in September 1996.
North Sea Ferries have provided services between Hull and Rotterdam Europort in The Netherlands and Zeebrugge in Belgium since the 1960's.   In 1996 they were bought by P&O and renamed P&O North Sea Ferries.   Two new super ferries currently under construction for the Dutch route, so this article takes the opportunity to review the recent history of the company.
nsf-europort.JPG (51143 bytes) nsf-hull.jpg (51729 bytes) nsf-hull-ne.JPG (40136 bytes)
Norsea having recently arrived at Europort in April 1995.  The ship remains docked all day at the berth. Norstar leaves Hull in April 1995.   The new terminal is situated beyond the lock in the foreground. Norsun connecting with National Express coaches for Scotland and Wales at Hull in April 1996
nsf-zeebrugge.JPG (68345 bytes) nsf-europort-2.JPG (53068 bytes) nsf-europort-po.JPG (23815 bytes)
Norstar hiding behind a muddled delight of containers at Zeebrugge in August 1995. Norbank and Norsea, at rest during the day at Europort in August 1995.  The new faster ships will provide a night and a day crossing. Norbay and Norsun in the rather unflattering version of P&O livery  at Europort in March 1997.
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P&O North Sea Ferries operate from Hull to Zeebrugge and Europort (Rotterdam)
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