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May 2003
Portsmouth to Cherbourg
Recent Changes
P&O recently revised their Portsmouth to Cherbourg service, reducing the number of ships operating it.   Formerly two vessels Pride of Hampshire and Pride of Cherbourg provided three sailings a day from each of the ports.   Now the new Pride of Cherbourg operates only twice a day, with overnight journeys provided every second evening.   The new ship is the former Isle of Innisfree from Irish Ferries which was made redundant by the arrival of the Ulysses last year.   It will operate in tandem with the fast craft Portsmouth Express during the summer months.
Photo Facts
Top: P&O's new Pride of Cherbourg leaves Portsmouth in March 2003.
Above left: Pride of Hampshire leaves Cherbourg in August 1998.
Above right: Pride of Cherbourg at Southsea on the morning departure from Portsmouth in September 1995.
Right top: Pride of Cherbourg approaches France in August 1998.
Right below: Pride of Hampshire prepares to depart Cherbourg in August 1998.
Below left: Irish Ferries Isle of Innisfree at Pembroke Dock in June 1997.
Below right: The new Pride of Cherbourg leaves Portsmouth in March 2003.
Portsmouth to Cherbourg
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Isle of Innisfree history
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