May 2007
Spanish Shuffle Competition to Spain
Brittany Ferries first started a service from Plymouth to Santander in Spain in 1978 with the Armorique.   The following year it was replaced by the Prince of Brittany (seen below in a later guise at the Beauport) which continued the service until the arrival of the Bretagne in 1988.   This in turn was replaced by the Val de Loire in 1993 and then the purpose built Pont Aven (middle right) in 2006.   In 1993 P&O began operation from Portsmouth to Bilbao with the impressive Pride of Bilbao (top right).   Then last year Acciona, a Spanish ferry company, joined the fray when they operated with the Fortuny (below right) from
Portsmouth to Bilbao.   Who will survive in the Spanish Shuffle ?
Spanish Shuffle
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Photo Facts (top to bottom)
bulletP&O Pride of Bilbao leaving Portsmouth for Bilbao in its first few months in service in July 1993.
bulletBrittany Ferries Pont Aven at the dismal Plymouth terminal in August 2006 about to depart for Santander.
bulletFortuny of Acciona, leaving Portsmouth for Bilbao in September 2006.
bulletBeauport of British Channel Island Ferries, laid up at Southampton in March 1994.   As Prince of Brittany this plied between Plymouth and Santander for most of the 1980's.
bulletBrittany Ferries
bulletP&O Ferries