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June 2004
Sydney Harbour Ferries
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Sydney Harbour has to be one of the most photogenic places in the world for ferry photographers with the ready-made backdrop of the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge.   Conventional Inner Harbour ferries and Manly ferries operate as well as rivercats, jetcats and supercats.   Pack your boomerang now. 
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Photo Facts
Manly ferry Freshwater, Inner Harbour ferry passing Sydney Opera House, Golden Grove, Alexander passing cruise liner Crystal Harmony, Friendship, Freshwater.
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Photo Facts
Scarborough, Scarborough passing Sydney Harbour Bridge, Narrabeen and a Rivercat, Supercat Susie O'Neill passes Sydney Opera House.
All Photos taken by Gerry Cushley in March 2004.   Click to enlarge.
Sydney Harbour Ferries
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