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March 2001
Weymouth Retrospective
In comparison with other ferry ports, Weymouth exudes natural charm and bustles with people more interested in fish and chips than ferries.   Historically it has been the gateway to the Channel Islands, though more recently Cherbourg and St. Malo have figured in the schedules.   After British Rail/Sealink left town in the 1980's, British Channel Island Ferries operated the routes until Condor and their fast ferries arrived in the 1990s.   Below is a brief retrospective of the Victorian's favourite holiday destination.
weymouth-caesarea-normannia.JPG (38646 bytes) weymouth-normannia.JPG (41959 bytes) weymouth-maid-of-kent.JPG (38421 bytes)
A classic view of Weymouth harbour with Sarnia and Normannia berthed one Sunday in July 1975. Normannia at Weymouth in July 1975.   She spent most of her career at Southampton and Dover Looking serene in the red light of dusk, Maid of Kent arrives from Cherbourg in July 1975.
weymouth-earl-harold.JPG (45754 bytes) weymouth-earl-godwin.JPG (45319 bytes) weymouth-condor10.JPG (56907 bytes)
Earl Harold was one of the first ships to be repainted into Sealink British Ferries livery.   It is seen at Weymouth in July 1985. Disappearing over the horizon, Earl Godwin leaves Weymouth for the Channel Islands in July 1985. Fast ferries rule the roost at Weymouth now.   Condor 10, the first of several, is seen in August 1993.
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Condor operate between Weymouth and the Channel Islands/St. Malo
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