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Stranraer Fair Showmen's Lorries, 1973
The fair came to Stranraer every year for the middle week in October.   It was organised by White from Glasgow, who had three of the six big rides.   William Codona also had a major presence.   Below are photos of the fine Atkinson and Leyland lorries that carried and powered the rides.
st-fair73-codona.jpg (28802 bytes) st-fair73-1.JPG (48528 bytes) st-fair73-2.JPG (48895 bytes)
Pinder's Leyland Steer HMS22 and Codona's TGU736 for the Rock'n'Roll - parked in front of the Big Wheel. Another of Codona's lorries - Leyland Octopus VGA534 - parked on the street. White's Atkinsons containing the Cyclone, about to leave a damp Breastwork car park.
st-fair73-divebombers.JPG (37109 bytes) st-fair73-dodgems.JPG (47128 bytes) st-fair73-waltzer.JPG (50549 bytes)
Leyland Hippo SGG690 owned by Tom Wilmot Snr in front of The Divebombers ride. The White's Dodgem lorry ready to leave. Atkinson was a favourite of  White.   Their BGM820 is seen parked beside The Waltzer.
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Thanks to M. Harman for additional information


Ride Operator
Big Wheel ?
Rock'n'Roll Codona
Divebombers ?
Waltzer White
Cyclone White
Dodgems White


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