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April 2001
Stranraer Ferry Freight
Since the 1970's the Stranraer to Larne/Belfast route has been one of the main ferry gateways for freight from Britain to Northern Ireland.   The first dedicated ship for lorry traffic was the Dalriada which started on the route in 1971.  Many smaller haulage companies operated through the port including local business Agnew & Lithgow.   Nowadays, only the larger companies survive such as Dukes Transport and Woodside Haulage.   This feature takes a look at this traffic.
Something Old ...
freight-old.JPG (31323 bytes)      Some forgotten names from the 1970s:
Kelly freight
Brian McNulty
Morrow Transport
Lowes Transport
Porter of Derby
Kelly Freight and Woodside Brothers in September 1973
Something New ...
aa_0_018.jpg (95583 bytes) aa_0_027.jpg (86593 bytes)
Dukes have had a depot in Stranraer since 1974 and it currently has an allocation of about fifty vehicles.
Above left:  Scanias R407SND, R425SND and R392SND are seen in the setting sun of Christmas Eve 2000.
Above right: Scania R383SND is seen portside at Stranraer alongside a couple of Woodside Haulage trailers.
aa_0_007.jpg (92817 bytes) aa_0_006.jpg (96212 bytes)
Woodside Brothers (as they were originally known) have existed since 1969.   They shared a yard in Glenluce (near Stranraer) with Moodies until they bought them in the mid 1970's.  Today Woodside Haulage have depots throughout Scotland, England and Ireland (as have Dukes).   Above left: Mercedes V529VRJ at Stranraer terminal.   Above right: Scania T320KEO at Stranraer terminal. 
Something Borrowed ... cc12202.jpg (15297 bytes)
Corgi have introduced a new Dukes Transport model available from Spring 2001.

For more information see their website:

Image ęCorgi

dalriada.jpg (27616 bytes)
Dalriada in May 1973 at Stranraer harbour.
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Current Haulage Operators
Dukes Transport
Woodside Haulage
Montgomery Transport
Lagan Transport


Classic Truck Adverts European Hauliers
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