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SCS 366M  Restoration : April 2000
SCS passed its MOT in March 2000 (thanks to Roland Williams from The Bus Doctors), so in April the restoration work began in earnest.   The bus seats from O'Malley are going to be replaced by seats from SCS344M.   After some re-panelling it will be painted in original Western SMT black/white coach livery from its Stranraer days.   [Click photo to enlarge]
restore-seats.JPG (39846 bytes) restore-km.JPG (42732 bytes)
These are the bus seats installed by O'Malley.  Roland Williams and Ray Ward removed them. Kenny Mowbray scrubbing down the interior after the seats had been removed.
restore-rw.JPG (36171 bytes) restore-dm.JPG (52668 bytes)
Ray Ward sanding down the coving and side panels in preparation for painting. David Mitchell cleaning the seats rescued from SCS344M.
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