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SCS366M Restoration work - July 2000
restore-matt.JPG (50513 bytes) restore-tam.JPG (45027 bytes) restore-panel.JPG (37516 bytes)
Matt cut all the new panels.   It was decided that re-panelling the whole vehicle would be excessive. Tam and Matt fitted the panels.  Tam also did alot of other bodywork including the chrome bumper. A new front donated from VSX751R and located by Gordon Stirling was fitted.
restore-panel3.JPG (32966 bytes) restore-panel2.JPG (55337 bytes)
Many of the skirt panels were replaced.   Also the large panel beneath the offside front window - which had been repaired and filled - was replaced. This batch of Y-Types never had a step beneath the emergency door.
restore-floor.JPG (44133 bytes) AA_9584_023A.jpg (108997 bytes) AA_6553_012.jpg (109464 bytes)
Sinclair Greenhill painted the floor before the DP seats were installed.   When interviewed for this feature, he said that at times it "seemed like painting the Forth Railway Bridge".   The transformation was worth it. Ray Ward installed the DP seats from SCS344M and fitted home-made headrest covers.
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