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December 2000
Western SMT, SCS-M Leopards Then and Now
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Top left : DL2495 (SCS364M) at Stranraer Depot in May 1976.   Top right : DL2497 (SCS366M) at place unknown in 1976 by A.N.Other.   Bottom left : DL2497 (SCS366M) preserved at Scottish Vintage Bus Museum in October 2000.   Bottom right : Former DL2496 (SCS365M) still operating for Specialised Transport Training, Liverpool in October 2000.
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Western's Stranraer depot was originally allocated four Leyland Leopards from the SCS/GCS batch.   Below is a table detailing their current whereabouts.
Fleet No. Registration Current Status
DL2496 SCS365M Driver Trainer with Specialised Transport Training, Liverpool
DL2497 SCS366M Preserved by Ray Ward at Scottish Vintage Bus Museum
DL2498 SCS367M Withdrawn and broken up by O'Malley, Co.Tipperary, Ireland
DL2500 GCS793N Withdrawn by Highland in 1986 and then to unknown
Where was the top right photograph taken - the only clue is the Austin garage of Dias & Co ?
What happened to GCS793N ?
Mail me please if you know the answer to either of these questions 
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