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xxxxxxxxxxxixxxxxxxx July 2009
 She's Leaving Home

  New  London  terminus  for  Eurostar

  New London terminus for Eurostar
Eurostar has been providing a high speed rail link from London to Paris and Brussels through the Channel Tunnel for nearly 15 years.   In December 2007 its London terminus changed from Waterloo (top left) to a specially reconstructed St Pancras (top right).   For those regular passengers confused by the change, Arriva London (left) has extended its 59 bus service from Waterloo to Kings Cross via St Pancras.   Everything at the rebuilt station is a bit grandiose, a bit European.   Start by visiting the opulent new subterranean shopping centre (below left) with its up market outlets (below middle) and designer cafes.   Continue to the pièce de résistance - the champagne bar (below middle) where the aroma of French grapes is suffused with the whiff of diesel from the train parked only a meter away.   Finish by checking the time on the enormous clock (below right) and saying a fond farewell to your loved ones underneath the towering sculpture (left).   Find your train and you'll be in real Europe in just over two hours.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in May 2008 apart from top left taken in November 2007.   Click to enlarge.

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