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  June 2016
Flying Scotsman

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Flying Scotsman, one of the most recognisable steam locomotives in the world, has recently completed a 10 year restoration at the National Railway Museum in York.   It re-entered service early in 2016 and started mainline tours in May.   One of its first tours was a trip from London to Salisbury and then onto Hampshire for the afternoon.   The timings and route were cloaked in secrecy to avoid a repeat of its first outing when onlookers strayed onto the line.   Not only was this dangerous but Network Rail incurred a hefty fine because of the knock-on delays to other services.   Despite the lack of information, hundreds of locals and enthusiasts braved the all-day drizzle to glimpse the famous engine at various points along the route.   Salisbury station itself was packed when it finally set off on its return trip to London in the early evening.
  All photos taken in May 2016.   Click to enlarge photos or play clips.



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