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February 2009
Crich Tramway Museum
The National Tramway Museum at Crich is located in the middle of scenic Derbyshire.   Originally a limestone quarry, the period village was established in the late 1960's.   Today a track runs one mile out into the rolling countryside and is operated by some of the vast selection of preserved trams at the museum.
Crich Tramway Museum
All photos taken at Crich Tramway Museum in November 2007.
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Photo Facts (top to bottom)
  • Leed City Tramways 345 dating from 1921
  • Seats on Leeds 345
  • Stairs on Leeds 345
  • Glasgow Corporation 22 dating from 1922
  • Crich Tramway village
  • Den Haag 1147 dating from 1957
  • Sheffield 74, dating from 1900
  • Leicester City Tramways 76 dating from 1904 and Douglas Head Marine Drive 1 dating from 1896 in the display hall


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