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June 2001
RET 702 in remotest Rotterdam at Marconiplein in July 1995. GVB 722 in Amsterdam in July 1995, on the (2) to Sloten crossing the bridge on the Singel canal.
The Netherlands is famous for cheese, windmills and its perfect integrated transport system.   Central to this system are the tram networks of the major cities - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag and the trolleybus network in Arnhem.   This feature is an introduction to these networks which are so typical of European Light Rapid Transit today.
GVB 621 at the terminus of the(24) in leafy Amsterdam in May 1994.  This batch of classic trams dates from the mid 1960's. GVB operate several batches of sneltrams.   Their 50 is seen on the (51) at Poortwacht near the giant Amsterdam suburb of Amstelveen in May1994. Den Haag trams reach as far as Delft and the seaside resort of Scheveningen where HTM 3122 is seen on midsummer's night in June 1995.
Some of Midnet's sneltrams at Utrecht bus station in August 1995.   Utrecht has the busiest bus station in The Netherlands. Arnhem is the only place to operate trolleybuses in the Netherlands.   GVM 173 (VH-23-PH) is seen at the station in June 1994  GVM has an SLF articulated Van Hool trolleybus - 201 (HA-75-93) [trade plates] - seen in Arnhem in June 1994.
MODIS1000097_md.jpg (92148 bytes) Recent Changes:
Amsterdam trams now blue/white
Amsterdam has a new ringlijn service 54
Utrecht sneltrams now under control of ConneXXion and painted in two tone green livery
Arnhem Trolleybuses now under control of ConneXXion
Rotterdam trams now green/white
Both Rotterdam (small batch) and Amsterdam (large batch) have trams on order
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GVB operate trams in Amsterdam

RET operate trams in Rotterdam (lots of flash stuff here, literally)

HTM operate trams in Den Haag
ConneXXion operate trolleybuses in Arnhem and sneltrams in Utrecht
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