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July 2005
NET Gain
Nottingham Trams
Nottingham Express Transit (or NET for short) operate 15 trams in the city of Nottingham over a 10 mile route.   There is only one line which serves the large housing estate of Hucknall in the East, and provides park and ride facilities at six large sites.   The trams are new low-floor Bombardier INCENTRO's designed to carry 191 passengers.   Tickets are bought on the tram from conductors.   Having taken over ten years from approval to opening, it is certainly proving to be a popular way to travel round Nottingham.


Hills Unlike many other tram cities, Nottingham has its fare share of hills.   The impressively powered trams have no problems in coping with these hazards as can be seen at The Forest park&ride (below left), Wilkinson St park&ride (upper right) and the Royal Centre (lower right)


The shopping area has been transformed into a truly European tram city, with tramlines cutting right through the centre.   All other traffic, including buses are not permitted on the tracks giving the area a feeling of calm and serenity particularly in the Old Market square (below).


Landmarks Nottingham is a fine city, with plenty of churches (left) and a Royal Centre (right).   The trams all carry names of famous local people such as Brian Clough, the late football manager of Nottingham Forest (right).


Street Furniture As with many modern installations, specialist street furniture has been designed for the new system.   The tram track is well sign posted (left) for unsuspecting visitors.
The power is derived from overhead cables that have all been installed from new (right).   The trams are painted in green and silver livery, similar to the former corporation transport colours, and some have overall advertisements.
All photos taken in March 2005.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts (top to bottom)
NET tram at Wilkinson Street depot
NET tram approaching the park and ride at The Forest
NET 206 at Wilkinson Street
NET 213 approaching the Royal Centre
NET 208 in the Old Market Square
NET 213 in the Old Market Square
NET 206 at Station Street
NET 215 at the Royal Centre
NET trams
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