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IM701 leaves San Remo bus station in June 2001.
San Remo on the North West Italian coast is famous for its annual Song Festival and its Casino.   Drenched in the all year round Mediterranean sun, it is one of the last ten remaining towns in Italy that operates trolleybuses.   The fleet has dwindled to a mere handful in the past few years and only one route is operated by Riviera Trasporti, the local bus operator.
sanremo-trolley.JPG (49654 bytes) Top Left: 1301 (IM301) in San Remo in May 1991.   Red Fiat alert behind.
Above: IM613 in Bordighera in May 1991.
Left: An elderly trolleybus (1134 IM134) in San Remo in May 1991.   All these have now been withdrawn.
Right: Map of Italy.   San Remo is the last town before France.
 San Remo
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San Remo is a popular tourist destination
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