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September 2005
Seaton Tramway is a true English folly.   It started life in Llandudno, moved to Eastbourne and was then transported lock, stock and barrel to Seaton in 1970.   A disused branch line linking Seaton on the Devon coast with the villages of Colyford and Colton (below) up the scenic Axe Valley (above middle), has become home to a varied selection of trams both old and new.   The track runs on narrow gauge which means the trams are decidedley dinky.  It attracts tourists in the summer (left) and bird watchers (top) in the winter and provide spectacular views of the River Axe.
Seaton Tramway
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Photo Facts (top to bottom)
Tram 12 from 1966 on a bird watching trip, nearing Colyford in January 2004.
Tram 10 from 2002 at the Seaton terminus in July 2005.
The Axe Valley from Tram 10 in July 2005 - not for hay fever suffers.
Tram 6 from 1954, which originated with Llandudno, passing Tram 8 in July 2005.
Tram 2 from 1964 passing Tram 8 in July 2005.
Colyton station in July 2005.
Colyton church in July 2005.
Tram 8 at Colyton station in July 2005.
Seaton Tramway
Steamers, Beer
A couple of miles along the coast from Seaton lies Beer, a charming village with several art galleries and an excellent wine bar with home cooked sea food:
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