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November 2000
Waverley Isle of Wight trip
The Paddle Steamer Waverley has just been renovated and is now in pristine condition.   During September it performed day trips on the South Coast of England.   Below is a photographic record of one such trip from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight.
AA_6553_015.jpg (110016 bytes) AA_6553_017A.jpg (103353 bytes) AA_6553_019.jpg (114891 bytes)
Waverley at Portsmouth Harbour awaiting departure for the Isle of Wight. Life belt on board the Waverley.  As can be seen, the ship speeds along at some pace. Plaque on board the Waverley.  Note the recent restoration work.
AA_6553_021.jpg (102556 bytes) AA_6553_023.jpg (115494 bytes) AA_6553_025.jpg (143953 bytes)
Brittany Ferries' Normandie passes Waverley en route from Caen to Portsmouth. Waverley at Sandown Pier.   It then proceeded to do a round Isle of Wight afternoon excursion. An Island Line train in recently applied 'Dinosaur' livery at Smallbrook Junction.
AA_6553_026A.jpg (118193 bytes) AA_6553_029A.jpg (101438 bytes) AA_6553_030A.jpg (106026 bytes)
Isle of Wight Steam Railway No. 198 approaches Smallbrook Junction. View from No. 198 leaving Havenstreet station. Southern Vectis 695 (WDL695Y), an ECW/Olympian at Wootton, on service (1) to Sandown.
All photographs taken on 16th September 2000.   Click to enlarge.
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Island Line provide local rail services on the Isle of Wight
The resident bus operator on the Isle of Wight is Southern Vectis
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