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  April 2016
Cobham 2016
 London Bus Museum Spring Gathering
  All photos taken in April 2016.
Photo Facts Photo Key :
  1. West Midlands PTE 2462 (NOA462X),  an MCW bodied Metrobus
  2. Ensign bus AEC Regent III RLH61 (MXX261) and NIB5232 from South Yorkshire Transport Museum, a Leyland Titan formerly T1100 (B100WUV).
  3. A line-up of RT's and RTL's.
  4. Scarlet Pimpernel Coaches MYA590, a magnificent Harrington bodied Leyland Comet from 1949
  5. Green Line Routemaster RM2 (SLT57), RF226 (MLL763) an MCW bodied AEC Regal and Routemaster RMC1461 (461CLT)
  6. Seen outside the Clubhouse at Brooklands Museum is London Transport C94 (CLE122) a Leyland Cub from 1936, Royal Blue ETA923 a Harrington bodied Leyland Cheetah from 1939 and PPF492 a Harrington bodied AEC Regal from Surrey Motors
  7. Delaine 159 (AD65DBL), a new Wright bodied Volvo
  8. A line-up of Harrington bodied coaches as a celebration to mark 50 years since closure of the company
  9. A line-up of Weymann bodied vehicles as a celebration to mark 50 years since closure of the company



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