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  April 2013
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It's been a winter of discontent for First Group.   Their policy of ridding themselves of poorly performing parts of the business has seen Stagecoach taking over operations at Chester and Wigan.   So it came as some surprise to discover that Spring had sprung in another outpost of the empire with the investment of a substantial amount of new vehicles in Essex.   The arrivals were heralded by a batch of standard Enviro300s, followed by a clutch of hybrid Enviro350s.   However the cream of the crop is undoubtedly ten Volvo 7900 hybrids, the first of their type in the UK.   The Enviros operate Chelmsford locals, but the Volvos are on the Chelmsford to Lakeside service and liveried accordingly.   The new vehicles were caught on a dandelion of a day just after Easter 2013.

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 Uno Too
    Uno have a different tale to tell.   Originally established to serve the University of Hertfordshire it now operates in St Albans and has now established camp on the campus at the University of Northampton.   They have recently bought several Wright streetlites (above) and more unusually some of the Connex Enviro200's formerly operated in Jersey (below).  
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Click to enlarge photos and play clips.   All photos taken in April 2013.


Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • First Essex 44542 (YX13AHV), a Dennis Enviro300, in Chelmsford
  • First Essex 69906 (BV13ZBJ), a Volvo 7900 hybrid, in Chelmsford
  • Chelmsford Cathedral
  • First 67904 (SN13CHY), a Dennis Enviro350 hybrid, in Chelmsford
  • A First Essex Dennis Enviro300 in Chelmsford
  • First Essex 69911 (BV13ZBR), a Volvo 7900 hybrid, in Chelmsford bus station
  • Uno 53 (MX12CFN), a Wright Streetlite, at University of Hertfordshire
  • Uno 503 (T23UNO), a Dennis Enviro300, at University of Hertfordshire




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