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  June 2013
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx European Crossroads
  It's one of those annoying questions in pub quizes - "which country is Basel in ?"   The answer is in fact Switzerland.   Basel is located on the border with France and Germany so it's not a surprise to find vehicles from both countries operating there, such as Distribus (above) who serve suburban areas of Basel in all three countries but mainly France and DB, Deutsche Bahn, (left) from Germany.   The city itself is served by BLT who run trams and BVB who run trams and also operate a large number of gas buses (right).

  Maastricht in the Netherlands may be its famous neighbour, but Vaals is the place where three worlds collide at drielandenpunt.   Three operators also serve the town - Veolia (above) who run local services and a through route from Maastricht to the spa city of Aachen in Germany; TEC who run a route to Eupen in Belgium; and ASEAG, the Aachen city operator, who run just over the border into the Netherlands.   Disappointingly not all three operators serve the bus station simultaneously.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in June 2012.   Click to enlarge.


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