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  July 2012
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MellowYellow                                                   Part 2
New buses and liveries in Holland
For years all buses in The Netherlands were yellow and were operated by state owned companies.   It was all very stable and predictable.   Visit Holland today and you won't see a yellow bus in sight, the result of revolution caused by competitive tendering which was introduced in 2001.   Connexxion, the rump of the state owned business, now finds itself competing with newcomers such as Arriva, Veolia and QBuzz for concessions throughout the country.   Concessions change hand on a regular basis involving whole scale vehicle redeployment.


Inevitably with such fluidity in the market, large numbers of new buses have been required with over 1500 vehicles entering service during the last couple of years.   Connexxion still retain a strong presence in Utrecht.   They have operated the sneltrams for many years and they are now painted in corporate livery (top).   In 2010 they placed a colossal order for 355 Berkhof Ambassadors some of which are in yellow livery (lower left) and others in traditional livery (middle in Leiden).   Athough Arriva has retrenched from the north they still operate around in Central areas such as Gorinchem (lower right)
North and East
North and East
The only trolleybus system left in The Netherlands is run by new operator Breng in Arnhem (top).   The characterful 1950's trolleystation outside the rail station has been bulldozed and replaced by a vast barn of a concrete building.   Syntus, who are owned by NS and Keolis, operate in the Veluwe area using new Berkhof Ambassadors painted in standard yellow/white livery and also green and blue (lower left in Deventer).   Qbuzz currently operate the concessions in Friesland, although this is about to change again.   One of their 350 Mercedes Citaros is seen at Drachten (lower middle) and one of their MAN Lion City's is seen at Heerenveen (lower right).
    RET is the municipal operator in Rotterdam.   One of their Citaros is seen at the Zuidplein transport interchange.  
    Also at Rotterdam Zuidplein is one of 88 MANs operating for Qbuzz.   They recenty picked up a small concession in the suburbs of the city.  
    Spot the difference - vehicles from Arriva and Veolia are seen in Den Bosch bus station wearing common Brabant livery.  
     Veolia serve all of Brabant on the Belgian border.   A Volvo 7700 artic is seen in Tilburg bus station.  
    Veolia operate the Limburg concession, using vehicles such as this Volvo 7700 seen in Maastricht.  
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in April 2011.   Click to enlarge.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Part 1 of this article was published in May 2012



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