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  August 2012
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Liner Lineup                                                  
Cunard and P&O events at Southampton
P&O 175th Anniversary
175th Anniversary
Not to be outdone, P&O organised an even more spectacular event for this summer.   To celebrate their 175th anniversary, all seven P&O liners were in Southampton on the 3rd July.   At Test Quays were Adonia and Oceana, at Ocean Dock was Azura, and then at the main line-up at Western Docks were Ventura, the elegant Arcadia, Aurora and the ubiquitous Oriana.   As with the Cunard event, several excursions were offered by local operators Blue Funnel and Red Funnel ferries.   Additionally there were many private charters to view the liners and the easy way using the Hythe ferry.   The sky was more a whiter shade of pale than moody blue but at least it didn't rain quite as hard as the Cunard day.   Imagine hot sunshine, fluffy clouds and a silky sea.

  Photo Facts
  • Ventura, Arcadia, Aurora and Oriana at Western Docks
  • Azura at the Ocean Dock
  • Adonia and Oceana at Test Quays
  • The four liners at Western Docks.   The excursion craft were able to get very close to the ships even though there was an exclusion zone around them for security purposes.
  • A packed Red Jet 4 from Red Funnel Ferries on an excursion
  • Aboard Ashleigh R from Blue Funnel Ferries.   The extent of the rotten weather can be seen with a swathe of anoraks and rainmates in evidence.
  • Clip - the liners made an impressive line-up even under cloudy skies


  • The poor visibility at the Cunard day made capturing all three queens together an almost impossible task, as Queen Mary 2 disappeared into the mist and drizzle
  • Queen Mary 2 at Ocean Dock
  • Queen Elizabeth at Western Docks
  • Queen Victoria at Western Docks
  • Message on Queen Mary 2


Three Queens
    To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Cunard assembled its three Queens in Southampton.   The event was organised well in advance and it was hoped that as it was the Bank Holiday weekend in June the weather would be fine.   However the day was as poor as that for the Royal Pageant on the Thames.   It was thoroughly miserable with sweeping rain and poor visibility.   Surely it would be better for the P&O day in July ?  
    Queen Mary 2  
    Queen Elizabeth  
     Queen Victoria  
    Message from QM2 to QE2  
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in June 2012 and July 2012.   Click to enlarge photos and play clip.





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