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  November 2017
The 0.25 Billion Dollar Man
New York Mayor makes major investment in ferries


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New York City (NYC) has a network of ferry routes that connect the five boroughs that make up the city.   Mayor de Blasio committed $325M in June 2016 to invest in three new routes and 18 new ferries, operated by Hornblower.   By the summer of 2017 a couple of the new routes had started and the some of the new ferries had entered service as can be seen from the views above.
  All photos taken in August 2017.   Click to enlarge photos or play clips.


Photo Facts Photo Key :
  1. Smart new ticket machines
  2.  One of the new Hornblower vessels at DUMBO having arrived from Wall St. Pier on the East River service to East 34th St.
  3. Providing one of the best views of New York and one of the most expensive meals is the Riverside Cafe.   The egg was an amuse bouche containing dried fruit and nuts.
  4. View from East River as the ferry passes under Brooklyn Bridge
  5. A ferry at speed on its way from Rockaway Beach to Wall St Pier, seen from Coney Island
  6. An NY Waterway vessel at South Williamsburg.   The East River service was started by NY Waterway in 2011 and merged into the NYC service in 2017.
  7. Clip: A ferry at speed on its way from Wall St Pier to Rockaway Beach, seen from Luna Park (complete with pop music) at Coney Island
  8. Clip: Passing under Williamsburg Bridge
  9. Clip: A ferry arriving at DUMO from Wall St Pier



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