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November 2001
Stranraer Fair 1974 The Arrival
White's dodgem lorries: left, DWR963B and above PWS437, both Atkinsons of different vintages.
The big wheel lorry in front of the clock at the weighing station, at the Breastwork Car Park. White's splendid Atkinson FGM728D, complete with workers assembling the Waltzer in the background.
All photos taken in October 1974.   Click to enlarge.
Notes: The main showmen at the Stranraer fairs were White and Codona.   However JJ Biddall also provided all year round amusements in the town's Agnew Park.   He was to be found in the corner of the park near the inappropriately named "Miami Beach" trampolines.    Always resplendent in a filthy boiler suit, he was often to be seen smoking his pipe while operating his chair-a-plane ride.   Such was the success of this enterprise, that the local council invited him to look after the speed boats on the adjacent Marine Lake.   They did not ask him the following summer.   Now the Marine Lake is a public car park, Agnew Park has been re-developed and JJ Biddall's amusements are but a distant memory.
Information about Agnew Park
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