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  May 2015


The Classic and Vintage Commercial show is held each year at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon near Warwick.   The show features commercial vehicles built before 1990.   This article focuses on vehicles from British manufacturers most of whom no longer exist.

  • Commer Maxiload horsebox CKR536K of Roy Cobden
  • Foden S21 KNN616E in the livery of Hoveringham Gravel Company of Nottinghamshire.   This type of vehicle has featured as a Corgi and a Matchbox Super King toy.
  • AEC Mammoth Major FAW122C and AEC Mandator JAE816D both from Lloyds of Ludlow
  • Albion Clydesdale CHS200J of Alex Anderson, Bo'ness
  • Leyland Octopus 8x4 598CYU from 1952 in Esso livery
  • AEC Mandator OCE829H in Craig of Denny livery, originally delivered to the RTITB
  • Guy Big J4T GNA398N in McGovern livery, new to BRS
  • Scammell Scarab VHW98 from 1953 and Scammell Townsman JLE74D
  • Seddon TCH615L in the livery of Ambrose Wood & Son, Bollington
  • Ford Transcontinental VJN3S, complete with TIR plate (Transports Internationaux Routiers) - which allowed easier cross border movement of goods from 1975.  A vehicle painted similarly to this one appeared in the episode "Drag Act" of The Sweeney.
  • Atkinson Black Knight GNC775E
  • Commer DJS690 of MacKenzie Bros distillery, Dalmore
  • ERF LV OWO398F in the livery of W H Mills
  • Morris FFK TDO250 in the livery of WJ & CM Barton
  • Bedford KM NKT355R owned by Paul Fox
  • Scammell Routeman GLR520T in the livery of John Mould, Reading

Where are they now ?

  • Commer was part of the Rootes group and the name was phased out in favour of Dodge when Chrysler assumed control in the mid 1970's
  • Foden was bought by American firm PACCAR in 1980 and production stopped in 2006
  • AEC was bought by Leyland in 1962 and the name disappeared in 1977
  • Albion was bought by Leyland in 1951 who dropped the name in the 1980's.   The company was subject to a management buy-out in 1993 and was sold to AAM of Detroit in 1998 and they now produce motor vehicle components.
  • Leyland have had many name changes through British Leyland existance but are now owned by PACCAR and manufacture DAF trucks in the UK to this day.  DAF trucks are by some margin the largest selling make in the UK.
  • Guy was bought by Jaguar in 1961 who in turn ended up under the British Leyland banner in 1968.   Leyland stopped Guy production and shut the factory in 1982.
  • Scammell was bought by Leyland in 1955 who as British Leyland were bought by DAF.   DAF closed the plant in 1988.
  • Seddon bought Atkinson in 1970 to form SeddonAtkinson.  After several take-overs Iveco eventually assumed control and the name was phased out in 2009.
  • Ford truck operation was sold to Iveco in 1986 and the plant was closed in 1997.
  • Atkinson were bought by Seddon in 1970 (see above)
  • ERF was sold to Western Star in 1996 and then to MAN in 2000 who stopped badging trucks with the marque in 2007
  • Morris became part of BMC in 1952.   BMC merged with Leyland in 1968 to become British Leyland.
  • Bedford continued to manufacture lorries until 1986 when parent company General Motors closed the plant.
  All photos taken in June 2014 at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon.   Click to enlarge and play clips.


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