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SCS366M - A history in photographs
Former Western SMT DL2497 (SCS366M) has been preserved by Ray Ward at the Scottish  Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond.   These pages catalogue the history of the vehicle and follow the restoration project.
See the restoration work here
 Stranraer  [click to enlarge]
366-portrodie2.JPG (29995 bytes) 3/75 to 8/82 : Stranraer
Entered service as Western SMT DL2497.   Painted into red/cream livery in 3/77 and given official 'S' allocation in 6/77.   Painted into re-styled red/cream livery and given SCOTTISH fleetnames in ??
Photographed at Stranraer in April 1976.
8/82 to 8/84 : Paisley
Allocated to Paisley depot.
Photographed at Paisley depot in August 1983.
366-paisley.JPG (34764 bytes)
8/84 to 12/84 : Dumfries
Allocated to Dumfries depot.
Photographed at Dumfries depot in September 1984.
2/85 to 11/94 : Dunoon
Operated with Baird/Cowal of Dunoon.
Photographed at Dunoon in September 1994.
11/94 to 8/99 : Newport, Co.Tipperary, Ireland
Operated with O'Malley of Newport.   Dual purpose seats replaced by bus seats in ??.
Photographed at Newport depot in April 2000.
11/99 to present : Lathalmond
Sold to Ray Ward for preservation.
Photographed at Lathalmond while being prepared for MOT in February 2000 by Gordon Stirling.
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