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   September 2015
Berlin to Budapest
  A European train adventure through the former Habsburg Empire to visit tram and trolleybus networks
Modern Trams

Photos (top to bottom):
Vienna, Berlin, Bratislava, Dresden, Dresden, Prague, Budapest


Classic Trams

Photos (top to bottom):
Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Budapest

Trolleybuses & Metro
Photos (top to bottom):
Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Budapest

Clips (top to bottom):
Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Dresden

Sight Seeing
    Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
    Opera House, Dresden
    Old Town Square, Prague
    St Stephen's Church, Vienna
    Parliament, Budapest


    Germany is perhaps not best renowned for its fine dining.   However Marjellchen, a traditional restaurant in Berlin, is worth the detour.   Cozy and intimate, it serves large portions of local food with drink recommendations thrown in for free.  


    Trans Europe Express no longer exists, but if it did it would be serving food like this.   Recent years have seen the demise of classic restaurant carriages on European trains but they're still going strong in the  Czech Republic.   This meal was freshly prepared by a real chef on the Berlin-Prague-Bratislava service.
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