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  December 2014
Brand Match

  Two high profile routes were re-branded in 2015.   The Brighton Buses Coaster service 12 from Brighton to Eastbourne (above) received a new batch of Wright StreetDecks.    Painted in a new vibrant lime green and blue colour scheme, they provide a ten minute service along the Sussex coast.

Stagecoach upgraded its X5 Oxford to Cambridge service (below) by replacing standard Plaxton bodied Volvos with tri-axle Plaxton Elite bodied Volvo B11R's.   As with the Brighton Coaster service Stagecoach has taken the opportunity to re-brand the vehicles on the route, adopting an attractive two tone blue livery.   They operate a 30 minute headway between the two university towns.
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  All photos taken in June 2015.   Click to enlarge and play clips.
Photo Facts (Coastliner) Photo Key :
  1. 923 (BX15OMV) near Brighton Marina
  2. 931 (BX15ONH) in Brighton
  3. 944 (BX15ONW) in Seaford
  4. 926 (BX15OA) in Brighton
  5. Saltdean
  6. Rottingdean
  7. 921 (BX15OMT) in Eastbourne
  8. 938 (BX15ONP) Saltdean
  9. Friston
Photo Facts (X5)
  1. 54305 (YX64WCJ) in Milton Keynes
  2. 54317 (YX64WDC) in Bedford
  3. 54310 (YX64WCO) in Bicester
  4. 54317 (YX64WDC) near Buckingham
  5. 54301 (YX64WCD) in Buckingham
  6. 54314 (YX64WCY) in St Neots
  7. 54317 (YX64WDC) in Milton Keynes
  8. 54317 (YX64WDC) in Milton Keynes Coachway
  9. 54314 (YX64WCY) in Buckingham




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