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  July 2013
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Singing Coach
Eurovision Song Contest in Malm÷
Singing Coach
The 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest was held in Malm÷, Sweden in May 2013.   This was a joyous festival of kitsch lasting an entire week.   Two semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday evening preceded the main event itself on Saturday.   Half of the countries participated in each semi-final, the big five countries including the UK being automatic qualifiers for the final.   Coaches from local operators adorned with Eurovision logos provided transport for the competitors and their supporting teams from the handsome city centre hotels to the arena on the outskirts of the city.   The contest itself was won by the hot favourite from Denmark.   Madness, money and music, done in the Swedish style.
Ireland team coach Austria team coach Cyprus team coach

Snapping the Russian entrant Waiting for the elusive Netherlands entrant

Montenegro team coach Montenegro team coach Shuttle coach to Eurovision
    Malm÷ Arena is small in comparison to other Eurovision venues, with a capacity of around 10,000 spectators.  
    Outside the Arena, Eurovision fans mingled with each other exchanging gossip.   This is a UK contingent with a flag signed by former British winners for charity  
    There were several surprisingly low key events in the city during the day including this marquee which was hosting a string quartet for some reason known only to the Swedes.  
     Everywhere someone was being filmed for a TV show or an internet site.  
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    This is Montenegro who failed to qualify for the final.   The space suits were presumably shoe-horned into the boot of the coach on the far left.  
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in May 2013.   Click to enlarge and play clip.



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